This is Caleb. He's crazy, silly, but he keeps me on my feet. He's my boyfriend, best friend, and favorite person. You'll probably see him and our friend, Cam, tagging along with me at weddings. We are the three amigos and I love our little team. You may also notice the cutest four legged friend to ever walk the Earth. That's Murphy. With enough personality to fill a room, she completely rules my world. 

In addition, I have always had an undeniable love for traveling. I don't know what it is about jumping on a plane or going on a road trip, but exploring somewhere old and new gets me giddy every time. 

Aside from my love for traveling, I am also a music junkie. My friends and I are Bonnaroovians. We attend Bonnaroo every year and each year brings a new light. We bond through music and it's a beautiful thing. 

Now that you've had a little sneak peek into my life, please know that I am extremely fortunate to have you here. I love what I do and it makes me who I am. I have been very blessed to use my talent to bring someone else's vision to life. I'd love to help bring yours to life as well. 

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